Netanyahu: “We Will Kill Hamas Leaders, It Will Take Months, Not Years”

At the recent Likud party meeting on Monday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the ongoing war in Gaza, emphasizing the need for a complete victory over Hamas. He made it clear that the goal is to eliminate the Hamas leaders and for this reason, it is imperative to continue operations in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu stressed that the war cannot be brought to an end prematurely and that it will require a significant amount of time, estimated to be months rather than years. Turning to the issue of hostages, the prime minister stated that efforts are still being made to secure their release. However, he also acknowledged that Hamas has made demands that are unacceptable and cannot be met.

In fact, Netanyahu asserted that the release of hostages must follow a similar agreement as before and that it cannot be achieved at any cost. This firm stance highlights the prime minister’s unwavering determination to protect the safety and well-being of his country and its citizens.

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