Vendor Working for National Grid Robs Home

A vendor working for National Grid that was visiting a residential home for an inspection was arrested after stealing a pocketbook and credit card from the homeowner.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon when the homeowner received a call from the bank that there are suspicious charges on the credit card, after checking, they noticed the card and pocketbook missing.

The homeowners immediately called Shomrim and the NYPD, and after a quick investigation they realized it was the employee who was in the home just moments before.

A quick call to National Grid revealed the location of the suspect, the NYPD and Shomrim located the employee and returned the items to the rightful owner. The suspect was placed under arrest.

The Company told BoroPark24, “National Grid has zero tolerance for unethical and illegal behavior. The alleged act and arrest of one of our vendor’s employees, if true, is reprehensible. The safety and security of our customers and communities are paramount, and we take these matters seriously and are suspending work with the vendor until an investigation is completed.”

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